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Babush Tesfay
Babush Tesfay
Babush Tesfay grew up in Ethiopia, the second youngest in the family of eight children. After the tragic death of his elder sister and his mother he found refuge from the sadness of family life in the camp of Cuban soldiers, based near his home. After tragedy hit again with the death of his father, Babush made the discovery that he was Eritrean rather than Ethiopian. He decided to travel to Eritrea to join his aunt and family there, only to be rejected on arrival by these relatives. In Eritrea he met Katy, the English girl who was to become his wife. Parted from her with the onset of civil war between Eritrea and Ethiopia, he escaped to neighbouring Sudan, and was finally reunited with Katy in Kenya where they married. In 2010, after living for some years in London, Babush, Katy and their two children returned to work in Ethiopia.

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After the tragic death of his sister and parents, Babush's happy childhood was shattered. He describes his struggle to survive as a boy and young man in Ethiopia, and how he travelled to neighbouring Eritrea where his life was transformed when he met the English girl who was later to become his wife. Find out more...
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