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Helene Ramazani
Helene Ramazani
Helene Ramazani lived her early life in Rwanda and then Congo. She escaped from Congo to England as a political refugee leaving behind her three children. She is a courageous woman who values the cultural life of Congo with its care for the elderly members of the family, but has come to appreciate the independence that living in England has helped her to achieve. The loss of contact with her children after the breakdown of her marriage, her peripheral involvement with the world of Congo politics which led to her seeking asylum, and later the problems she faced when she arrived in England all alone and unable to speak English are related in a matter-of-fact way not seeking sympathy.

Helene and her family are now British citizens but she talks about her life as a refugee and how her faith in God sustained her. She speaks powerfully about the responsibility to care for others, to 'allow a place' for the oppressed and wounded. She describes herself as 'a new creation'. That is not fanciful when considering her life - and her life is far from over.

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Achieving Against the Odds

Helene escaped from Congo where she was in danger of her life, leaving behind her three children. She tells how she built a life for herself in England, learnt English and found work. She had two more children who brought her great joy and finally succeeded in bringing her three children from Congo to join her. Find out more...
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