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Shabibi Shah
Shabibi Shah
Shabibi has a degree in journalism from Kabul University, was married to a political journalist and worked for 12 years as a teacher in Afghanistan. She fled from Afghanistan with her husband and three children to escape the then Communist regime, finally arriving in London. She now lives in Croydon.

In England Shabibi has studied bilingual counselling and interpreting, and is actively involved in helping refugees. She is a trustee of the charity, the Ruth Hayman Trust, which supports the education of adults living in the UK who have a first language other than English. She is a published poet in her first language, Dari.

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Where do I belong

Shabibi Shah came to England with her family from Afghanistan in 1984. In this book she has written her own story of how she was forced to leave her country in traumatic circumstances to make a new start in England. Find out more...
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