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Cheatin' Heart

Cheatin' Heart
Women's Stories About Secrets
Edited by Joanna Rosenthall and Kim Longinotto

about the book
The editors put out a call for short stories by women about secrets, and the result is this wonderful collection. It includes well-known writers and others who are hardly known but deserve to be. All the stories have the qualities of secrets themselves. Their energy relies on the illicit thrill, the unexpected twist, or the unknown revealed. They are passionate, seductive and exciting; all touch on the forbidden, the feared and the destructive areas of life.

'Not one dud', says a reader's review, 'and balanced too. Some are dark, some funny, some touching and others gripping. Rose Tremain's is a masterpiece of writing, so is Janette Turner Hospital;s. One by Pat Cadigan verges on sci fi but is also a psychological thriller. This book is a millennium must - do read it!'

Price: £8.50
ISBN: 1 85242 5555
1st published by Serpent's Tail
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