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Let Live by John Madeley
Let Live
By John Madeley

about the book
When environmental journalist David Fulshaw takes time off from his paper to cycle in Africa he gets more than he bargained for. What he finds is a scandal -- the scandal of how climate change is wrecking people's lives.

He meets people who have been forced from their homes because of the climate change that the West is largely causing. He writes critical articles about the West's failure to curb carbon emissions, and is damning of United States policy. His articles are strong enough to attract the attention of the CIA who decide that he cannot be allowed to besmirch the name of the US. A plot is hatched to remove him.

Taking the reader on a journey through West and East Africa this is a gripping insight into the impact of climate change. But this is more than one person's journey. Rather it has profound parallels with events in the world, with David Fulshaw's experiences illustrating a wider truth.

A novel can sometimes reveal truth in a profound way. "Let Live" is one such novel.

Set in 2007, in the dying stages of the George W Bush presidency, "Let Live" is a powerful story that draws on the author's considerable experience of the issues and countries that feature in the book. It is a strong challenge to the West's policies on climate change.

Entertaining, sharp, penetrating, an incisive account of the damage that climate change is doing to the poor. A searing indictment of the policies of Western country governments. Read it....and demand action ’ - Caroline Lucas MP

Released: October 2011
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 078 0 9568344 1 6
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