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You Love Judy Fuller
You Love Judy Fuller
By John Bartholomew

about the book
They don't like me. Not even my teacher likes me.
'You love Judy Fuller.' - They're always saying it to each other.
So everyone avoids spending time with me. Just in case.

Why does no-one like Judy? This story about bullying and mental cruelty tells how the resourceful Judy finally comes to terms with the rest of her class. It is a book with something to say to any child who has ever been a victim, as well as being a roller coaster ride of feelings, friendship, and fire. Believable characters, a good story line, and language that is straightforward and does not 'write down' to the age group. For individual readers, and also makes good discussion fodder in an inquiring classroom. Provides excellent circle-time material on the subject of bullying and relationships

   •  John Bartholomew is happy to visit schools to give readings or run anti-bullying workshops based
      on the book.
   •  A teachers' resource pack is available price £1.50 to cover postage and packing.

Released: June 2008
Price: £4.95
ISBN: 978 0 9554373 1 1
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